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Fencer with Protective Mask and Lame Jacket


Membership of the club is open to all, but the coaches and committee reserve the right to refuse membership.


Membership is ONLY open to fencers who are listed on the Welsh Fencing Membership Database (CRUFTS) as being members of CELTIC SWORD CLUB. Members of other fencing clubs can pay weekly visitors rates subject to available space and at the discretion of the coaches and/or committee.



Club membership £15 per month by STANDING ORDER ONLY



For members without their own fencing equipment, this can be hired from the club at very low rates, we TRY to make fencing available to all. For beginners, equipment can be hired for £10 per month.


SWORDS, LAME JACKETS, BODY WIRES and ALL other non-personal kit is available from the club at no cost!


Club equipment hired to individuals is taken home and is not used by others, it is in effect for personal use, however, this equipment is NOT to be used outside the club WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE COACHES. It is NOT to be used at any other club.

We will allow club equipment to be used at competitions etc. but permission must be obtained before anything is removed from the club premisses.

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